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The Four Pillars

Catholicity Wiki is encyclopedic. We're not a soapbox, a billboard, a vanity press, an experiment, a collection of information, a web directory, a dictionary, a newspaper, a magazine, a hug box, a hate machine, a wall, or a collection of source documents.

Catholicity Wiki is neutral. We provide information, characterize issues, and present multiple points of view in an impartial, accurate and contextual manner based on verifiable, authoritive sources. We're against unreferenced material and personal experiences, interpretations, and opinions.

Catholicity Wiki is respectful. We respect our users and the content they bring, and we ask them to do the same for each other, for articles, for copyright laws, and for sources they reference. We're against illegal activities, copyright violation, plagiarism, personal attacks, edit wars, and trolling.

Catholicity Wikia is citational. We encourage our users and readers to click on the citation numbers in the articles, so that they can see which works have been cited, then read said works to come to a full understanding of the topic, or, a better understanding of the subject matter.

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